By Miss. Oyako Shimura for the Mishima Cyber Command

Like Yukio Mishima we are ready to give our life for our ideals, nobody no power or force of repression and betrayal of human dignity
will ever make us stop. We vow that rather we follow you into an honorable death than we will surrender to the forces of oppression and destruction

Like Yukio Mishima we are ready to give our life for our ideals, nobody no power or force of repression and betrayal of human dignity will ever make us stop. We vow that rather we follow you into an honorable death than we will surrender to the forces of oppression and destruction controlling this world. Our ideological foundations are based on the understanding that the heritage and indentity of the people of all nations is sacred and essential for their wellbeing, development, comfort and florishment of cultural values within societies. We reject the concept of a global Coca Cola, MacDonalds, rap culture in all its obsenity and shallowness. We reject the mistaken and detrimental concept of equality of all cultural, national, ethnical and racial groups as it is based on the denial of diversity and uniqueness. This is not a statement or expression of hate and disrespect, but an expression of recognition and appreciation of individual and collective uniqueness of cultural, national, ethnical and racial groups. My definition of this is expressed in my assertion that "We are not equal but equal valued in our diversity." We must understand that the false concept of equality and presumed need for cultural integration is a tool of the Global Cabal for the destruction of all cultures and their replacement with a global culture of shallowness, obsenity and non-identity. The enforcement of such global culture is nothing other than the enforcement of enslavement of all people.

Recently a very disturbing article was published bij Mr. Mark Metzelaar from the Netherlands in which falsely it was stated that MCC/Himawari consists of an iligitimate operation of Aum Shinrikyko attemting the establisment of an military wing in the Netherlands. Most unfortunate this article was republished on a Dutch forum by the Dutch Journalist Mr. Wreede.

Of course such false and totally inaccurate informations released by Mr. Metzelaar potentially could have very servere consequences for both Aum Shinrikyko and MCC/Himawari

Personally as the responsible for MCC/Himawari I carry much of the fault by our very illusive and vague modus operandi in the Netherland causing Mr. Metzelaar to make assumptions which, even though wrongly, are the result of my secretive manners. Unfortunately we have a strong reasons to be most carefull due to the nature of our investigations, however this cannot be excuse for causing confusions on Mr. Metzelaar part.

For this reason I humbly offer my apologies to Mr. Metzelaar for my being cause of his confunsions.

I have caused shame to myself in face of Aum Shinrikyko by my causing Mr. Metzelaar writing an article which greatly damages Aum Shinrikyko reputation, and even causing danger to Aum Shinrikyko, in the Netherlands on basis of false suspicions and conclusions which I should have avoided.

In a very couragious manner the Honorable Mr. Mark Metzelaar has published, in two languages, a honest and very worthy rectification which with deepest respect I publish here, please notice it is me who ows apologies to him.

" ....Kort geleden heb ik een artikeltje geplaatst op Indymedia, dat overigens meteen verdwenen is. Dit ging over die MCC, Mishima Cyber Command, waarin ik o.a. een aantal speculaties deed en er een mooi verhaal van maakte.

Het artikel was niet goed onderbouwd en ik gebruikte wat aanknopingspunten om te provoceren, dit echter in de richting van het links-activisme vanwege een andere inlichtingenzaak.

Zo maakte ik ook een link met de Aum-sekte en daarvoor heb ik geen echte indicaties, slechts 'roddels' en vage verbanden, die mogelijk moedwillig van de inlichtingenhoek komen (zaai verdeeldheid en heers -tactiek). Vandaar ook mijn excuus aan Miss Shimura voor het o.a. te vlug geschreven artikel.

Hereby my excuse to Miss Shimura for an article on Indymedia (that was removed quickly). I didn't use the proper methods and fundings for this article, that was ment as a nice story and partly provocative in the direction of left-wing activism for another intelligence-case. So I made a link with the Aum sekt and for that I have no real indications, only 'gossip' and vague connections, that possibly by purpose came from the intelligence circuit (divide and rule -policy).

Mark Metzelaar

Dearest friends

Please accept our short message of respect and sadness on this day which took from you a wonderfully intellectual man who could have made a very very big difference for your country, your people and the world in general.

All we sish say is that we will not rest until justice is done and he has received the respect he so much deserves.

Love and strength


Het onderzoek van de moord op Fortuyn


Ontwaak, besef, zij aan zij

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MCC Fortuyn Murder Investigations

Kalpana Chawla rest in peace you the shining star of India,
I am so proud of you Indira Sayana

The House Of Orange

Very important updates in respect to the role of Queen Beatrix in the Prof. Fortuyn murder,

the Prof. Fortuyn wiretapping case as well as the full extend of the Pincess Margarita and her husband
Edwin de Roy van Zuydwijn case which will proof to be the crackerjack breaking open the House of Orange.
MCC in conjunction with other sources will provide as much exposure as humanly possible.

PHASE I Russian based action page

Mishima Cyber Command is now moving on to a next phase in it's exposure operations, MCC will make phased surprise exposures in which the operational focal point will be groudwork establishment. In the course of the coming few days relating to:

Does this video show Mr. de Booij

further information in repect to the Video

Official Statement MCC on the bushes video
By O. Shimura CCMCC

The Netherlands is being filled with censorship EVEN BEFORE NATIONAL PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS

This dangerous development is being carefully monitored as it is completely different from "Fortuynistic" philosophy.

MCC restates once more possesion of Pim Fort uyn MURDER evidence consisting of:

  1. Audio:
  2. intercepted communications at murder scene
    1. Petra Lievense telephone communications with government minister Pronk on dutch Liberation day, May 5th
    2. Intercepted tapping data from both American and Dutch Agencies
    3. Intercepted tapping data proofing Prof. Fortuyn was tapped by the AIVD
    4. Intercepted tapping data from the Prof. Fortuyn home including intercepts of the "Two Meetings
  3. Still pictures:
    1. rooftop killer BMW car without police escort on road overpass from BP gasoline station position
    2. rooftop killer BMW car with police escort on the A1 highway to Schiphol
  4. Video:
    1. from energy centrum secret camera position:
      1. two first shots impact on Fortuyn target resulting in Volkert van der Graaf shock, his hesititations and his delayed shooting
    2. from secret camera position behind parking area bushes:
      1. rooftop shooting: two first shots Volkert van der Graaf approach and entry to the murderscene.
      2. Volkert van der Graaf movement in direction of Fortuyn
      3. Volkert van der Graaf shock, hesititations and delayed shooting
      4. movements by witnesses, including start Smolders chase after Volkert van der Graaf
      5. witnesses reactions until 2 minutes after Smolders and Volkert van der Graaf leaving the murderscene.
      6. very short fragment of rooftop killer after Volkert van der Graaf exit
      7. rooftop killer leaving outside of the media center and entrance into rooftop killer BMW car

Polls show that dutch politicians have started to believe their own lies, while the democratic gap is growing.

MCC will release evidence into the public domain proving:

  1. That Embassador Sobel was lying about his activities in relation to his drastic attempts to swey Prof. Fortuyn into accepting the JSF deal. Taht his actions are in correspondance to what was stated in December 22 Oltmans fax to ambassador Sobel in which Mr. Oltmans stated May be you succeeded in fooling Van Straaten en editor in chief F.E. Jensma by lying aboul your conversation with Pim Fortuyn. However, there are some people in this country that know the truth. Therefore the question is: why your denial of the fact that you went out of your way to sway Pim towards accepting the deal?
  2. That the description of those meetings as given in our Two Meetings account included below is accurate.
  3. That Prof. Fortuyn was offered campaingn funds amounting up to 20 million dollars in return for a change of heart in his JSF stand
  4. That Prof. Fortuyn refused the offer an remained concistent with his earlier position in the issue
  5. That Mr. M. Herben falsified the outcome of those meetings after Prof. Fortuyn was murdered.
  6. That Mr. de Booij never attended any of those meetings and that his account was inspired by pressure.
  7. That the Chronology of Murder as included below is accurate and undeniable

Two Meetings
Subject of this document relates to the 05-04 and 05-0-2002 meetings between the JSF promotion team and the later Prof. Fortuyn. Transcripts of both meetings as well as related evidense will be released soonest, however at such time in proofs most effective.

The 05-04-2002 Meeting


Prof. Fortuyn
Mr. Herben
Embassador C. Stobel
Capt. M. Crews
Lt. Gen. D. Berlijn
Maj. Gen P. Vorderman
Mr. T. Burbage

The 05-04 meeting ended in a deadlock, Prof. Fortuyn wasn't willing to move his position, which Mr. Herben attempted to break by a follow-up meeting the next day. The hope at Mr. Herben and his fellow JSF promotors side was directed at further consultations leading to a more flexible approach on Prof. Fortuyn's part.

05-04 late evening an emergency meeting was held at the American Embassy the Hague. Main Attendees:

Capt. M. Crews
Col. M. Rumohr
Mr. van Hoof
Lt. Gen. D. Berlijn
Maj. Gen P. Vorderman
Mr. T. Burbage
Mr. T. Burbage joint at a later stage of this meeting after having consulted with Lockeed Martin. Result of the meeting:

It was concluded that there with no little or no hope to change the Fortuyn position. A bribing attempt, as proposed by Mr. T. Burbage after his consultations, was agreed upon. An emergency request was drafted to be directed at Queen Beatrix via Mr. Bolkenstein. During the morning of 05-05 Mr. Bolkenstein received the emergency request. The request pertained to a yes or no for possible alternate action.

The 05-05-2002 Meeting

Main Participants:

Prof. Fortuyn
Mr. Herben
Embassador C. Stobel
Capt. M. Crews
Mr. van Hoof
Lt. Gen. D. Berlijn
Maj. Gen P. Vorderman
Mr. T. Burbage
Meeting result was dramatic, Prof. Fortuyn refused to comply with both the request for a change in position as well as he forcefully rejected the Mr. T. Burbage offer for campaingn funds amounting up to 20 million dollars.

After conclusion Mr. Herben had a private meeting with Mr. T. Burbage however no transcripts are available but it can be sefely assumed that a deal was struck.

Early morning 05-06 the go-ahead was issued.

Chronology of Murder

This chronology is the result of our own investigation, witness reports, and highly reliable sources which, for obvious reasons, we do not disclose at this time.

May 6th, 17:25 to 18:45

17:25 Primary hitman (I will refer to him as Abu Fatah) enters the media park and takes position on the roof of the energy center. He unpacks his weapon which consists of a modified Firestar handgun allowing for shoulder support and by consequence much more precision.
17:40 Volkert van der Graaf takes position in the bushes close to the parking area. At this time, Volkert van der Graaf is unaware of Abu Fatah
18:05:59 Abu Fatah fires two shots hitting Prof. Fortuyn in the upper part of his skull causing mortal trauma to the victim. The time interval between the first two shots is a little less than .30 seconds. Vokert van de Graaf at this time is approaching with his gun drawn, however does not fire yet
18:06:02 Volkert van der Graaf seems shocked and slightly paniced
18:06:05 Volkert van der Graaf starts firing at the body, while moving himself arround in a left to right direction. His shooting can be qualified as uncontrolled. He seems to hit the, at that point, dead body in three instances.
18:07:49 Volkert van der Graaf begins his escape into the direction of where he initially came from.

Note: the sequence of events between 18:05:45 and 18:07:49 originate from a transcript of a video segment inspected by a highly reliable US source. The video segment currently is not yet released to us, however we may be able to present the segment in an internet usable format any time soon. In respect to the origin of the segment, our information points at it to be stolen by an for now unnamed US Intelligence Agency. It was made part of a set of security camera video images which were removed and subsequently destroyed by most likely the Dutch AIVD. It is however not at all unlikely that the segment was part of a clandestine CIA recording, in particular the time/date format on the video would indicate this.

18:25 A witness supposedly spotted Abu Fatah entering a dark blue 7 series BMW, at a location between the main entrance to the media park and the escape route used by Volkert van der Graaf. This car shorly halted at the right side of the Insulinde laan, the witness observed a male person of probably South European or Middle Eastern descent entering the car. Description; 5.9 feet of height, well built, dressed similar to what Volkert van de Graaf was wearing on the pictures of his arrest.

Note: This account originates from on single witness, even though his/her story seems to correspond to infomation we have received earlier, this account should be handled with care.

18:27 Two independent witnesses report to have spotted the "same" BMW crossing the overpass (railroad tracks) nearby the media center.
18:40/45 Three independent witnesses report to have spotted a dark blue 7 series BMW escorted by four Police or MP motor cycles travelling at high speed between Hilversum and Amsterdam.

Note: Information we received cannot be effectively verified at this time as the witnesses in question wish to remain anonymous. From information originating from various sources and contacts indicate with very high probability that Abu Fatah was extracted from the murder scene with help of the AIVD and rushed to Schiphol Airport from where he left the country.

Background to Abu Fatah

Various American and Middle Eastern sources identify Abu Fatah as hired from a contractor close to Syrian Intelligence who earlier had provided the hitteam responsible for the staged car accident that took the live of Mr. van Traa, who headed a Dutch Parliamentary Commission Of Inquiry into the Dutch leg of a sanctioned Narcotics/Weapons line via which CIA stages from Mena Arkansas were channeled into Europe and the Middle East. The Dutch leg which basically involved the Parimaribo/Rotterdam/Prestina segment became known in the Netherlands as the IRT Affair.

The contractor, Monzer al-Kassar (some background on Mr. al-Kassar), acted as the primary Middle Eastern middleman in this line, in part as a compensation for his loss of another sanctioned line which ran from Malta/Frankfurt/London to New York.

Mr. van Traa made the unfortunate mistake to aim at a degree of exposure far exceeding his mandate which turned him into a liability to be neutralized.

Result was that a team was hired in from Monzer al Kassar which staged the accident by a well know Syrian method involving a explosive charge (C4 in this case) to be placed a on (in this case) the left frontwheel suspension of the car which at a predetermined location (in this case just prior to crossing a road construction site) would be remotely triggered by a follow-up car.

Relevance to the Prof. Fortuyn case

Prof. Fortuyn, partly influenced by a Bouterse mole within his party, became overly interested in the backgrounds of the IRT Affair and attemted to pick up where Mr. van Traa had left off. His own probing and to an extend information he was feeded with from Mr. Bouterse, who had become the fallguy in the Dutch IRT cover-up, side developed plans to expose additional and highly explosive information about the IRT cover-up and the roles of prominent Dutch officials among who Mr. Teeven, Mr. Korthals, Mr. Kok, Mr. Docters van Leeuwen (ex director of BVD) as well as the roles of the CIA, DEA, CID and BVD causing what could have become a very major national and international upset, to phrase it mildly.

The Mr. Teeven, Mr. Korthals, Mr. Kok, Mr. Docters van Leeuwen aspect

During the early nineties when Mr. Docters van Leeuwen was in function as Director Of BVD (now AIVD) ex Prime Minister Kok was for all intends and purposes an BVD operative who worked or facilitated in operational aspects of the Dutch leg of the sanctioned narcotics/weapons line mentioned earlier. In the context of this role Mr. Kok was faciltating not only the BVD but various foreign Intelligence services amomg which the CIA, DEA and by implication Syrian Intelligence through Monzer al Kassar. In 1993 after the IRT Affair came into the public attention Mr. Kok continued his facilitation and active involvement with the IRT cover-up.

In 1995 a deal struck between Mr. Kok and Mr. Teeven in which Teeven would would provide information about future narcotics/waepons deals ad corruption cases. In truth an axis Teeven/Kok was created allowing for the undisturbed operation of sanctioned lines as well as the provision of means to control possible leaks and oposition of members of the Dutch Political and Legal system. Spring 1999 Mr. Teeven produced and handed out to "het college van procureurs generaal" and the Minister of Justice at that time Mr. Korthals, a list containing 80 names of Dutch Politians, Judges, and high level civil servants who who found themselves in blackmailable positions. Information contained in the list rangend from sexual exploitation of minors to corruption and abuse of power. Important is that this list provided a garantee that what had to stay under wraps would stay under wraps. In addition this list, which as to this date is with Mr. Teeven, formed the foundation for the Dutch collusion-system to remain operational.

In December 1999 Minister Korthals, after an investigation into the allegations made in the Teeven Dossier, asserted that no conclusive evidence could be found for either the risk of blackmail or corruption. In effect Mr. Korthals became, as in fact he been for a long time, a co-conspirator in the Kok/Teeven/van Leeuwen/CIA/BVD/CID axis.

Where it is commonly assumed that this axis (minus the CIA which is never mentioned in this context) its main purpose was to minimize the damage suffered from the part exposure of IRT and savely keep the whole issue within the crimminal circuit rather as in the larger perspective of the CIA operated line. Mr. van Traa however proved unwilling to go along and suffered the consequences.

An important aspect of the whole was that, largely due to the efforts of Mr. Docters van Leeuwen, the surinam co-conspirator Mr. Bouterse was dumped and turned into an international crimminal to prosecuted in the Netherlands for among others his role in the shared narcotics/weapons scam. In effect Mr. Bouterse became the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the operators in the Dutch leg.

It may be obvious to even the most trusting citizen that the combination of a Dutch Secret Team and the Teeven Dossier ideal circumstances are created for the operation of a block of controllers and a climate in which cover-ups are easily maintained, by means of blackmailing potential deserters.

Relevance to the Prof. Fortuyn case revisted

As was indicated Prof. Fortuyn bursting into the political scene unaffected by prior affilication with the control structure and imune against most forms of blackmail, the fact that he was an homosexual who frequented the socalled "dark rooms" could hardly be used against him as he used to be rather loud about those aspects of his live, and determined to overthrow and/or exposing the ruling establishment for what it is, made him into a liability. This conjunction with own findings in the IRT context, Prof. Fortuyn was painfully aware of the existing conspiracy within the Kok/Teeven/van Leeuwen/Korthals/CIA/BVD/CID axis and its potential to blackmail a significant part of the Dutch Political/Juridical Establishment.

In addition, by means of Mrs. Bijlhout who remained loyal to her former employer, Prof. Fortuyn had received extremely damaging information from Mr. Bouterse, who largely for personal reason was more as only a little interested in setting the record straight, allowing him to effectively expose the full story of the Dutch leg and to make matters worse cause very serious damage to the CIA for their role in the cabal.

MCC is open to any well throught through advice about consequences of evidence released today.


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